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92 News live tv hd is the first Pakistani channel which was launched with 4k technology in the year 2015. 92 news live streaming is the first HD channel of Pakistan. It broadcasts latest current affairs talk shows, breaking stories along with breaking news, latest updates from Pakistan and around the world. People over internet can easily access this hd transmission live online through their pc, laptop, mobile, or tablet. This channel is owned by Mian Hanif who is also the man behind the very famous cooking oil company named as Kissan ghee in Pakistan. It is a Lahore based channel. It is managed and owned by none other than a private limited company, M/S Galaxy Supreme Broadcast. The channel claims to be updated and converging those updates to the masses efficiently in time. Its tagline Baa Khaabar, Baa Wasoooq signifies that it is in touch with all the latest happening around the world. Their gatekeeping network about news is so strong. They check all the news in the process and eventually test the authenticity before sharing any news with the masses.

92 news live streaming92 news live tv hd network is spread over almost more than 300 cities of Pakistan with their diversified reporting and corresponding team of journalists. The staff works day and night in bringing the latest updates for the masses. They have a policy that they will try to cover and publish all the news covered. Hence, it is practiced that no news goes unnoticed amongst the masses.

Live Streaming of 92 News Live Tv HD

Competing with the rival media networks, 92 news live streaming also possesses its own signature morning show with a specialized set up and virtual reality studio. The name of the show is Bakhabar Subha, and gets on air all the days of the week. It is the first program in the history of Pakistani mass media which goes on air without any break throughout the year. It is quite popular among the people of Pakistan. You can have an idea about the viewership that this show has been extended to 2 hours since it received too many calls to wrap it off in a months’ time.

Popular Shows:

Following are the popular shows with great viewership on 92 news live tv hd are as follow:

  • News Room
  • Muqabil
  • Zair e behas
  • Ho kya raha hai
  • 92 Special
  • Andher Nagri
  • Follow Up

All these prestigious media practitioners host their shows with honesty and dedication. The camera team and the crew work day and night to bring the live action to the audience. The reporters bring exclusive stories and breakings for the masses with great efficiency and commitment towards their profession. 92 news live streaming is one of the channels which keeps the people of Pakistan updated 24/7 with great live coverage and android application facility. You can watch all the shows anytime live on Sahaafat.

Popular Anchor Persons:

Following are some prominent anchor persons and political analysts of 92 news live tv hd:

  • Tariq Mateen
  • Amir Mateen
  • Rauf Klasara
  • Nasir Baig
  • Ali Mumtaz
  • Shazia Zeeshan
  • Saadia Afzal
  • Khushnood Ali Khan
  • Asadullah Khan

92 news live tv hd is one of the fastest growing channels of Pakistan. It is quite popular since its viewer friendly policy directly interacts with the masses. It has adopted the virtual reality broadcasting for the very first time in Pakistan. It has news bulletins, political talk shows, infotainment and entertainment shows. The shows with the highest total rating points are as follow:

92 Special

92 news live streaming has this signature program which is hosted by a journalist cum anchorperson Asadullah Khan. This show goes on air from Friday to Sunday from 11pm to 12pm. This show is quite significant due to its positive discussions and highlighting the core problems of the society. All the guests along with the analysts with their arguments try to come to a conclusion to frame some potential solutions to the problems.

Night Edition

Night Edition is Pakistani political talk shows which is very famous now days. Shazia Zeeshan hosts this show along with the former bureaucrat Zafar Hilali joins her as a political analyst. Every episode brings in a different topic for discussion, and eventually some positive recommendations are framed out as a draft for the solutions. It goes on air from Friday to Sunday from 10pm to 11pm. 92 news live streaming has gained a lot of positive due to healthy contribution of this show to enhance their viewership.


Aniqa Nasir hosts this signature and unique show with the former General Khalid Maqbool. This show focuses on politics, defence, and geographical situation of the region. Also, matters regarding security, provincial and federal autonomy also come under discussion. All the current issues are kept in discussion to aware the masses about the true picture of the challenges of Pakistan. General Maqbool with his expertise over defense and strategic studies enlighten the masses over core issues. It goes on air on Friday from 7pm to 8pm on 92 News live streaming exclusively.