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Bol Tv Live operations started from Karachi in the calendar year 2014. It is a channel which is based on Urdu language. It offers all the domains of media including News, Entertainment, Infotainment and Political Talk shows as well as some unique morning shows. Shoaib Ahmad Shaikh, primarily an Information Technology company owner from Karachi owns this media house. Bol Network initiated online operations soon after their launch and since then they have gathered quite a significant audience on social media. All the live programs as well as the recorded ones are available easily on the bol network online.

Bol Tv Live Streaming Broadcast

Also, you can catch bol tv live streaming on the official website or on the youtube channel. Live streaming of this channel is also available on Sahaafat, so you can watch here. Also, get access to Pakistani talk shows daily with the great collection this website possesses.

Shoaib’s company was in the news due to being declared as a fake diploma providing factory, which is entitled as Axact Group Private Limited. Pakistan electronic media regulatory authority confiscated its license on that particular issue. A top rated journalist, Kamran Khan who was appointed as their first editor in chief of bol tv live, resigned due to that controversy.

Bol Network online started their regular broadcasting on December 25th, 2016. They launched the programs of news, current affairs, infotainment, and entertainment on the first go. Bol claimed that they are the first news channel of Pakistan which would promote the soft image of Pakistan locally and globally as well. Also, they abolished the option of getting advertisements from the organizations or individuals.

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Bol Tv live streaming initially offered an insurance of 10 million Pakistani Rupees to the cable operators. This media group is believed to have 20000 public transports on board to put on their banners and advertising materials. It is the first channel in Pakistan who has used 4k ultra hd technology for the live broadcast.

Top Journalists Who Joined Bol Tv Live

Following are some prominent top rated journalists of Pakistan who joined bol tv channel initially or currently.

  • Kamran Khan
  • Iftikhar Ahmed
  • Asma Sherazi
  • Jasmeen Manzoor
  • Mubashir Lucqman
  • Waseem Badami
  • Nusrat Javed
  • Mushtaq Minhas
  • Shahid Masood
  • Hamza Ali Abbassi
  • Aamir Liaqat
  • Ameer Abbass
  • Usama Ghazi
  • Sami Ibrahim
  • Fiza Akbar Khan
  • Asad Kharral
  • Wajahat Saeed Khan
  • Mansoor Ali Khan

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Famous Programs of Bol Network Online

Bol tv live streaming programs are as follows:

  • Pakistan News Room
  • Bol Pakistan
  • Top Five Breaking
  • Bol Headquarters
  • Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga
  • Live with Dr. Shahid Masood
  • Ab Mein Bolun k Na Bolun

Controversial Fake Degree Axact Scandal

Fake degree controversy damaged bol network online and physically as well. It ruined their reputation and also credibility among the masses of Pakistan. All the senior journalists and media practitioners left the group. As a result, the channel suffered from a huge loss even they did not start the regular transmissions as yet. Chief Executive Officer of Ary News, a Pakistani renowned media channel tried to facilitate and take charge of the channel due to his commitment to the media industry. Moreover, both the parties could not come to a final agreement, hence, deal got broken.

Editorial Policy

As the name signifies, this channel relies on its efficient and loud news policy in terms of presentation and coverage. Bol Tv live is highly vocal; opinion oriented and generates roadmaps for the future with good positive debate/analysis over various issues.