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Dunya tv live is one of the most authentic and prestigious media channels of Pakistan. Dunya news runs its transmissions is Urdu language. It is headed by private firm named as National Communications Services also known as NCS. It’s headquarter is in Lahore, the heart of the Punjab province. Dunya Tv has been covering different stories, and has impressed not only the locals but on a global level as well. It has contributed a lot in different beats such as Politics, Economy, Sports, Business, and Local affairs. Dunya news live in urdu provides the best live streaming with the best broadcasting results for the audience.

dunya tv live

Dunya News live in urdu is presently a commonly recognized name the nation over with the help of huge system of news correspondences, specialized offices, and solid wellspring of data. There are is gigantic system of department workplaces in real urban areas like Karachi, Islamabad, Quetta, Multan, Peshawar, Sukkur, Dera Ismail Khan, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, and all other sub regions. Not by any means a solitary locale or city is missed from news inclusion of Dunya TV Live. In remote areas, Dunya TV department workplaces are available in UAE, UK, and USA. It has multiple specialized offices with efficient reporters and staff members.

Dunya News Live in Urdu Language:

Dunya news has its own satellite through which they run their operations. You can also access all the programs of Dunya tv live on your mobile, laptop, pc or tablet anytime with a click. One edge that dunya tv has over all the other channels of the country is its great range of covering live events and gathering all the latest happening locally and internationally as well. People can watch dunya news live on through the official app or live streaming on the platform of Sahaafat. In a country like Pakistan, news are watched 24/7 due to the situation in the region regarding peace and diplomacy, so staying update to news is quite mandatory for everyone. The most read and trending stories include the prestigious top leadership of Pakistan in which Prime Minister Imran Khan, Chief of Armed Forces General Qamar Javed Bajwa, and Chief Justice of Pakistan justice Asif Saeed Khosa are included.

dunya news live in urdu

Another aspect which differentiates dunya tv live this channel with the other channels is its 24/7 live streaming available online. Viewers can get updated anytime whenever they want to. People never miss out on any news about different happenings in Pakistan. Dunya tv have a great editorial policy and with its fiery talk shows they make sure that people’s interests are under consideration while picking up topics for a program’s discussion. It is a Pakistani based channel so it prefers Urdu language as its main source for broadcasting news and current affairs programs.

List of Popular Tv Shows:

Here’s a list of some of the unique high quality popular shows with HD Streaming available on Dunya news live in urdu are as follows:

  • Ikhtilafi Note
  • On the Front
  • Think Tank
  • Tonight with Moeed
  • Mahaaz
  • Dunya with Kamran Khan
  • Mazaaq Raat
  • Hasb-e-Haal
  • Peyam-e-Subh

Dunya news live in urdu has a tag line which they use before hourly clock news broadcast as well as well for bulletins, Khabar Ki Dunya. It is the most trusted and watched media channel of Pakistan. It was launched by none other than Mian Aamir Mahmood in the year 2008. Its amazing and efficient reporting of events has won it many national awards regarding journalism. The environment of the organization is quite professional. Its transmissions are not only confined to cities but are accessible even in small towns and villages as well. Total Rating Points formula has worked for the infotainment show Hasb-e-haal since it has the highest Trp among all the shows presented by all the tv channels of Pakistan. Dunya news jumped into print journalism in 2012 by launching its first urdu akhbar with the name of ‘Dunya Akhbaar’.  No matter whether its print journalism or the electronic journalism, the standards set by Dunya tv live are very hard to beat.

Popular Shows


It is hosted by a young and very energetic journalist cum war and political commentator, Wajahat Saeed Khan. The core format of this show by dunya news live in urdu is to investigate or explore political issues, personalities, analyze the current geographical situation as well as exploring public opinion. It also acknowledges the achievements of Pakistan in the field of defence, infrastructure, and politics. Every new episode consists of a different topic or a challenge Pakistan is undergoing currently. The discussion in the program paves a way for a probable solution to  get out of that trouble as a potential victorious. He is a graduate from the American university, known as the Harvard University. He did his post-graduation from University of Michigan afterwards. He is so talented and skilled, and he has proven quite a lot of times by his unique way of reporting or broadcasting a show. The show goes on air on dunya tv live once a week on Sunday.

Hasb e Haal

Well, till date this show by dunya news live in urdu has been watched and appreciated by the families not only from Pakistan but from abroad as well. In Pakistan, almost everybody is familiar with this show due to its quality content. It is basically a humorous show and comes under the umbrella of infotainment. This show is full of energy, anticipation, laughter, and information. Hasb e Hal is a fan favorite show in Pakistan due to intense comedy created by all the participants of the show. Sohail Ahmed, a renowned stage cum drama star plays the lead role with the name of Azizi. This character is used to personify any personality, situation or an event in a humorous way. The show goes on air at 11pm on dunya tv live from Fridays to Sundays. The main host of the show is a political commentator and an anchor person, Junaid Saleem. His co-host now a day is Nagia Baig. The core focus of the show is to highlight the issues of the society in a message oriented humorous way. The mode they use is a bit between irony and satire. This show is quite popular in Pakistan as well as people living in abroad also watch this regularly. You can also access all the new and old episodes of Hasb E Haal on Sahaafat. It has been a great success for more than a decade due to its quality viewership.

Mazaaq Raat

Mazaaq Raat is the most popular and trending entertainment show in the history of Pakistani television era. It goes on air at 11 Pm, from Monday to Thursday on dunya tv. It was previously hosted by the legendary television actor Noman Ejaz, but now another scriptwriter cum actor Wasay Chaudary hosts this show.  Mohsin Abbas Haider plays a cameo role of a DJ with his mesmerizing vocals and contributes to every show with his sweet voice. Akram Udas, Qaiser Piya, and Iftikhar Thakur play the role of the comedians with their lovely mimicry and comedy. All the episodes of Mazaaq Raat are available online on Sahaafat. This show is a great contribution to Pakistani entertainment industry by Dunya tv live.